Escape This:
Can You Escape
The Room?

Can you stop a pathogen outbreak from wiping out North America? Escape a secret society initiation ritual? Discover which white-collar criminal is embezzling corporate funds? Find a secret ingredient hidden by the world's greatest chef?

Escape This is Dallas' #1 rated escape room experience. Test your limits, stretch your mind and exhaust your will as you take on our challenging rooms and attempt to beat the clock to solve the mystery! Can you Escape This? Probably not…

What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are a fun, unique form of interactive entertainment that tests your logic, creative and investigative skills. Enter a room filled with clever clues and mind-bending challenges, and see if you and your team can escape in under 60 minutes. Will your team work together to find a way out before the clock hits zero!?! Come find out at Escape This!

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