The Epicurean

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For the last five years, celebrity chef Raphael Gustav has won the “World’s Best Dish” competition: the critics adore him, foodies fawn over his farm-to-table dishes, and he’s been awarded more Michelin stars than any living chef. But you suspect Gustav is using a secret chemical ingredient in his cooking and want to expose him for the fraud that he is. Your mission: break into Gustav’s private test kitchen and use your sleuthing skills to decipher the clues hidden in his old restaurant menus. But beware: Gustav has a violent temper! If you’re caught, it could be your head on the chopping block…

Record Time: 33:30 Team: The Emrichs

The Society

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You just received an invitation to join an elite secret society, but can you survive the initiation ritual? One moment you’re enjoying refreshments with the members and the next moment you wake up locked in the ritual room! Can you find a way out before the secret ceremony begins?

Record Time: 33:54 Team: The Hangover Club


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A deadly, unknown virus is spreading like wildfire through North America: can you find the cure before it spreads worldwide and wipes out the human race? Attempt your quest in the medical office of our reclusive, eccentric doctor Sonia Shah, who claimed to have been close to discovering a vaccine before she mysteriously disappeared. Search her medical records for hints to the virus’s origins and clues to the whereabouts of her secret laboratory. Can you save your city before it’s too late?

Record Time: 37:28 Team: Team Pure Luck


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Thomas Gardner is the popular in-house counsel for ISG Corp: his employees love him, his shareholders love him, and the media loves him. But when millions suddenly goes missing, one suspicious shareholder thinks the in-house counsel is actually embezzling funds. Mr. Gardner has hired you to track down the funds and clear his name, but is there more to this white collar crime than first meets the eye?

Record Time: 41:37 Team: Memesquad