How do I book an Escape This experience?

Use our easy online booking form to reserve your Escape This experience today:

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How many people will be in the room with me?

The maximum group size for each room ranges from 6 to 10 participants depending upon your chosen experience. If your group is not the maximum size, you may have additional team members added. If you wish to reserve the room entirely for your group, simply purchase all available tickets for your desired time and Escape This experience.

Does every room have different challenges?

Yes! Every Escape This challenge is completely different. We do not reuse puzzles and clues so every experience is unique. Test your wits against each of our rooms!

How do I book a corporate outing?

Escape This is the perfect team building challenge for company off-sites and corporate retreats. For more information on booking your corporate event, contact the Escape This team today.

What should I bring?

Dress in comfortable clothes, bring your photo ID, and be ready to solve our Escape This room challenges!

Is Escape This handicap accessible?

If you are concerned about handicap access for a member of your group, please contact the Escape This team in advance so we can address any concerns. We want everyone to enjoy the experience!

Is There an Age Limit?

The level of difficulty varies from room to room and from clue to clue. Rooms at Escape This are purposely designed to be challenging. However, they are not scary in any way, and all content is appropriate for children. Children from ages 7-12 are encouraged to participate but must be accompanied by an adult. All participants under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or adult chaperone. Yes, we do allow and have had several mothers complete our escape rooms while carrying babies in slings. We simply ask that you exit the room if your baby begins to cry and disrupt the experience for other guests. Children who are 4 and under are free. However, you must notify Escape This via email and receive approval for the addition of any children under 7 years of age prior to completing your booking.

How long does Escape This last?

The length of your Escape This experience depends in part on the skill level of your group. The maximum time to complete a room is 60 minutes; however the minimum time is entirely up to you! Prior to the experience, plan to spend 10 to 15 minutes in a group briefing session where we will review the rules of the game and give you tips to help you successfully escape the room. After the briefing, you will enter the room where your team will have a short 3 minute introduction to your specific escape room scenario. Once you have escaped the room, there will be a 3 minute debrief where we review any clues your team may have missed during the game. From arrival to departure, please plan to spend about 1 hour and 30 minutes with us at Escape This. Please note, your booking time denotes the start of the briefing session and not the start of the room experience.

How challenging is it to escape the room?

Everything you need to solve the challenges and escape the room is included in the Escape This space. You do not need outside material or props to escape. That said, our escape rooms wouldn’t be fun and rewarding without a challenge! If you and your team are not able to escape the room in the allotted time, we encourage you to come back and test your wits against our rooms again.

Will I have to sign a waiver?

Yes, every participant must sign a waiver form. All participants under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or adult chaperone.