Escape This hosts corporate outings and other private events Monday through Thursday 24 hours a day, and Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm. We can uniquely accommodate large groups due to our spacious common areas that you won't find at other escape rooms. Our lounge features a 75" HD flatscreen TV that is wired for laptop connectivity with Bose surround sound and is perfect for presentations!

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Could being trapped in a room with your co-workers actually be fun? Absolutely! Escape This Dallas is different from other escape rooms. Here’s how:

Teamwork comes first

At Escape This, our escape rooms naturally foster constructive collaboration. Everything from the placement of clues to the location of puzzles force players to come together, share ideas and work as one unified team. The teams that perform the best are the ones who listen to each other and work together. Trust us, you will not be able to solve the mystery and escape without help from your teammates. And we promise that our rooms are a lot more fun than trust falls!

Challenges to test even the smartest C-suiters

Our challenges align with the room’s mystery for a seamless, fun and challenging interactive experience. You’ll need to think critically about how each object in the room should be used to uncover hidden clues, solve logic puzzles and ultimately escape. The moment when your first year associate team beats the execs at the game? Sweet victory.

Every room is different

With four different escape room mysteries, there’s a new challenge every time. We do not reuse puzzles or clues so every experience is unique. Test your company’s wits against each of our rooms!

We Are Different

Most Escape Rooms…

  • Have easy and predictable room tasks
  • Host several corporate parties at once
  • Only have a small briefing room
  • Offer no visual display(s) for use
  • Do not have entertainment sound systems
  • Cannot record your experience
  • Charge catering fees for outside food
  • Charge for additional space rental

Escape This…

  • Has intellectually-challenging rooms
  • Offers 100% private events (standard)
  • Has 1,500 sq. ft. of event space
  • Provides a 75” HD TV for presentations
  • Has Bose Surround Sound throughout
  • Can record your experience via USB
  • Does not charge catering fees
  • Includes 1-hour of post-game space rental

Rated Best in Dallas

450+ Organizations Served

Private Event Venue

  • Available at hourly and daily rates
  • Seating for up to 60 people
  • Dual 120-inch HD projectors
  • HiFi Martin Logan surround sound
  • Presentation podium with Touch screen PC
  • Two catering stations
  • Luxury flex-back chairs
  • Private restrooms
  • High-speed Wi-Fi

The Basics

  • 4 unique escape room themes to choose from
    • Society
    • Pathogen
    • Heist
    • Epicurean
  • We can set all rooms to the same level of difficulty to ensure a fair competition between teams in different rooms
  • You will have the entire facility privately for just your group
  • 1 hour of space rental included at no additional charge

Typical Event Duration

  • Arrival & Waivers – 15 minutes
  • Rules Briefing – 15 minutes
  • Escape game – 65 minutes
  • Debrief & Departure – 10 minutes

You should plan to spend approximately 2 hours at our facility (if not using the additional hour). We accept bookings for anytime 6AM to Midnight.

Food & Beverage

We Provide…

  • Vending machine (15+ options & mixers)
  • Cold Water
  • 2 catering tables – 2.5 ft. (w) x 6 ft. (l)
  • Proven catering partners:
    Kelly Ball
    CN Catering (Upscale)

You are able to…

  • Bring outside food & drinks
  • Utilize a caterer of your choice
  • Have food delivered from a nearby restaurant
  • Bring alcoholic beverages
  • Bring in coolers (we do not provide ice)
  • Enjoy beverages during game play

Popular Catering Options

Dinner & Drinks